5 Green Gadgets to Save Money & the Planet Too!

Gadgets, devices, and gizmos can help us save time and money, and many of them are also green, meaning they’re safe for the environment. It’s surprising to see how tasks and chores can be made a lot simpler, all because someone invented a gadget.

Here are some of the 5 best green gadgets for the home, and you might even save money too!

1. LED Light Bulbs. This has been the solution to expensive CFLs that are bad for the environment and cause migraines. After traditional light bulbs were banned, someone decided that they needed to do better than the CFLs which weren’t any better. LED lighting already existed, so the LED light bulb was born. These bulbs not only fit into any standard lamp or light, but they have the additional bonus of lasting 25 times longer that other bulbs, and they consume eighty percent less energy. They also come in an assortment of bright colors.

2. Water Powered Travel Alarm Clock. It’s always an issue having to purchase and then discard batteries for an alarm clock. Electrical alarm clocks can be too bulky to pack into the suitcase. Someone found a solution to this problem by designing a compact alarm clock that runs on water. It only needs to be filled up once every three months, and does not need batteries or electricity to work.

3. Solar Powered Charger. These smaller chargers capture power more quickly than a large generator, and they are made for charging up smaller devices such as cell phones, smart phones, iPods, and tablets. The WakaWaka Power+ is one great gadget, though there are many other brands. All you need is sunlight to begin charging, and since it’s free, you’ll save on your electricity bill.

4. Smart Power Strips. Even when appliances and electronics are turned off, they can still leach energy. Ever notice those LED lights that remain on even when your equipment is turned off? A smart power strip can truly cut power to electronics or small appliances when they are not in use. They can actually detect when the item has been turned off. This is particularly effective for LCD TVs, cable boxes, gaming systems, computers/laptops, chargers, DVD players, microwaves, and coffee makers. A smart power strip can actually help you to save up to ten percent each month on your electrical bill, which is significant savings after one year of time.

5. Solar Powered Generator. This generator collects the energy from natural sunlight so you can use it to power your home. They are quiet and emit few harmful emissions. They are also coming down in price, making it more attainable for most households to buy one.

These green gadgets are sure to excite you with their innovation and their solution to expensive traditional products. Look for them in stores now, so that you can save on your utility bills, as well as decreasing your carbon footprint on the environment.